Varicocele: Grades and Treatment Needed

Varicocele: Grades and Treatment Needed

Varicocele is a common cause of male infertility. It often produces no symptoms. However, it can cause low sperm production and decreased sperm quality, leading to infertility.

Varicocele is the enlargement of the vein in the scrotum which occurs as a result of a vein abnormality. They occur on the left side 90% of the time, but may also be bilateral that is, occurring on both sides.

Varicocele can increase the risk of impaired testicular growth, impaired sperm production, decreased fertility, and possibly decreased hormone production.

To diagnose for Varicocele, it is classified into three grades based on the size of the enlarged vein. This article explains the grades of varicocele and best way to treat it.

Varicocele Grades

Varicocele patients may notice changes in their health over time or come across a conflicting description of symptoms when they seek information online. They may not realize that there are 3 grades of varicocele.

Explained below are the three grades of varicocele;

Grade 1

In this category, the enlarged vein in the scrotum are not visible. It is the smallest type.

A doctor detects them during a physical exam while the patient performs a Valsalva maneuver. Valsalva maneuver is a breathing exercise used as a diagnostic tool. A doctor detects them during a physical exam while the patient performs a Valsalva maneuver. Valsalva maneuver is a breathing exercise used as a diagnostic tool. It is carried out while standing. You are to take a deep breath, hold it, and bend down while your urologist feels the scrotum above the testicle. It lets your urologist find any enlarged veins.

Grade 2

Varicoceles in this grade are not visible but felt during a doctor’s examination, even without the use of a Valsalva technique.

Data shows that patients with varicocele of grade 2 have better recovery in sperm motility and count.

Grade 3

The varicoceles can be easily identified through the scrotum in this grade as no physical examination is required to detect them.

In addition, patients in this grade are more likely to have a low sperm count (oligospermia)

Effect of Varicocele Grades on Fertility

Varicocele grades links to infertility in men. As new evidence shows that sperm function may be affected by varicoceles in ways that are not detected by semen analysis;

  • Overheating of the testes can occur when these veins become enlarged, such as in varicocele, lowering sperm production and function, resulting in reduced fertility potential.
  • Varicocele can damage sperm and create an environment in the body where they don’t survive, causing them to move and function poorly.
  • Higher grades of varicocele lead to a decrease in sperm quality.
  • The main difference in sperm quality across the three grades is that those with Grade III varicocele would have a lower sperm count (oligospermia) and lower sperm motility than those with the other grades.

What You Should Do

If you’re unsure about how to deal with varicocele, read on.

Varicocele is sometimes not harmful. However, because it alters testicular temperature, it can result in male infertility, abnormal hormone levels, and scrotal pain.

Moreover, it is not uncommon for a urologist to recommend surgery or procedures used in repairing and reversing varicocele in the hospital. The major and the most common ones among them are;

  1. Varicocele embolization
  2. Laparoscopic varicocele ligation
  3. Subinguinal varicocele ligation

However, it has been found to have an adverse effects on your reproductive health and there is even a high percentage of the disorder reoccurring after surgery.

There are men who have undergone different (surgical) procedures for varicocele one or two times. Some have repeated the surgery more than that and still no solution. 

See an example below;

Therefore, we would like to introduce to you a Natural Remedy for treating Varicocele.

Our Varicocele Remedy Kit offers a safe at-home therapy to decrease varicocele swelling and treat symptoms of pain, infertility, low testosterone, and testicular atrophy without any adverse effect. 

Furthermore, we have experienced that a 3-month (90 days) of treatment with our highly customised and tailored Varicocele Remedy kit usually help recover vein health & restore valve function which in return improves male fertility.  

Conclusively, this remedy successfully cures varicocele by strengthening the valves located in the veins of the spermatic cords. The veins then become tenacious to facilitate the dynamic rise of blood along the veins to reach the most important veins such as the left renal vein and the inferior vena cava.

Our Varicocele Remedy Kit allows you to regain all your fertilizing power. It has proven its effectiveness with dozens of cases.

You can always contact us if you need assistance regarding varicocele or any other male infertility challenges.

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