This article will be answering an important question, on the reason every adult man needs to produce a healthy sperm. Also we will be discussing key elements that help you determine if your sperm cells are healthy enough to face a fertile egg.

In addition to this, we will give you tips on how to achieve the production of healthy sperm cells that are capable of impregnating a woman.

Infertility affects both male and female equally. In some cases, the male factor can be the cause of infertility among couples. The quality of sperm produced by the male is an important determinant in getting a woman pregnant.

Therefore, having a healthy and fertile sperm is very important in producing a child.

Characteristics of a Healthy Sperm Cell

structure of a sperm cell

Sperm cells are the male gamete cells that are produced in the testicles. They are contained in the semen, which is the fluid carrier of the sperm.

A healthy and normal sperm cell must have the following;

A Head: the head must be smooth, oval in shape and must resemble the shape of an egg. The size must be about 2.5 to 3.5um in diameter and 4.0 to 5.5 um in length. It must be 40 to 70% covered with a well developed acrosome (this helps the sperm penetrate the egg coat).

The Body: this is the middle section that has the same length as that of the head. It must be slimy in nature.

The Tail: A thinner tail section that is about 45 micrometer in length. This is used for movement.

Having discussed the characteristics of a normal sperm, now, what makes your sperm healthy as a man?

What Makes a Sperm Healthy?

What makes a sperm healthy

There are three elements that help show that your sperm are fertile and heathy enough to impregnate a woman. They include; quantity (count), movement (motility) and structure (morphology).


Quantity of a healthy sperm

This has to do with the number of sperm cells (sperm count) in the semen. On the average, a sperm count of 15 million milliliter per semen or more is most likely to fertilize an egg faster than a lesser sperm count. A reduction (oligospermia) or total inability (azoospermia) to produce sperm cells is what leads to infertility in men.


Movement of a healthy sperm

Sperm cells do not move at the same rate. Normally, not all sperm cells move effectively, only about 40% need to move towards the egg for one to fertilize the egg. The lower the average motility, the lower the chance of fertilization. And that means, higher motility rate means higher chances of fertilization and invariable, pregnancy.


Structure of a  healthy sperm

For a sperm cell to successfully achieve fertilization, it must be well shaped. In fact, this is very important. High sperm count and high motility will be useless if the sperm cells are not well shaped.

With all this said, how do you achieve producing healthy sperm cells as a man if you are having male infertility issues.

How to Achieve the Production of Healthy Sperm Cells

  • Seek help from a professional if you already suffer any issue regarding your sperm health.
  • Maintain healthy dietary practices: consume more of locally available food including fruits and vegetables. These foods contain nutrients that support the production of healthy sperm cells.
  • Engage in regular physical activities as it helps you keep all the fats away. Excessive weight gain is linked to having low testosterone levels.
  • Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol, caffeine and smoking.
  • Avoid certain toxic chemicals and substances such as lead and mercury that can be inhaled from air or consumed from certain foods.
  • Regardless of the issue you may be facing with your sperm, click here to see various remedies that can help you produce healthy and quality sperm cells that can lead to pregnancy.

In Conclusion

It is no news any more today that infertility challenges faced by some couples can also be as a result of an issue affecting the male. A healthy sperm has better chance of fertilizing an egg. Therefore, it is important for you as a man to understand the whole concept of fertility and also be aware of your fertility status. This will help you overcome any issue that may arise when it comes to your reproductive health.

Click here to see remedies to overcome different cases of male infertility.

We hope that you find this article very informative.

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