6 Healthy Lifestyle Practices to Promote Male Fertility

6 Healthy Lifestyle Practices to Promote Male Fertility

There are two types of factors that affect the overall health of an individual. They are the modifiable and non modifiable factors. Lifestyle practices is an example of a modifiable factor which can be determined by an individual.

Lifestyle practices are the habit, attitudes, and general ways of life that can constitute the mode of living of an individual and greatly influence the overall health of that individual.

Having explained what lifestyle practices are, this article will be focusing on the healthy lifestyle practices that you can incorporate into your day to day activity that will benefit you and also promote your fertility health outcomes.

Having a Good Sleep Routine

Good sleep routine an important lifestyle practices

Good sleep is underrated in our world today. It is one of the lifestyle practices that must be incorporated into a man’s daily life. Most people struggle a lot with sleep. They lack afternoon naps, and at night, getting a straight 5 hours of sleep is an issue. Studies have shown that over 35% of adults are unable to get the recommended amount of sleep they need daily. Sleep deprivation can have a negative impact on your overall and fertility health outcomes.

There are a lot of things that can affect your sleep routine. They may include busy work schedule, uncomfortable sleep environment, addiction to the use of electronic devices, excessive intake of caffeine and certain medical problems.

The effect of not getting enough or the quality of sleep you need may reduce your sex drive, make you irritable, easily fatigued, cause your mood swings, and difficulty focusing.

Having a good sleep routine daily is very important to promote your overall health outcomes. It helps your body to relax, repair worn out cells, gets rid of waste, and help with hormonal regulations.

Strategies that Enhance a Good Sleep Routine

Tips that Enhance a Good Sleep Routine
  • Maintaining a bed time routine daily i.e the time you go to sleep and when you wake up
  • Avoid over eating at night, at least eat two hours before your bed time
  • Avoid excessive use of caffeine , tobacco and alcohol
  • Make your bedroom comfortable enough for you. It is advisable to make it cool, dark and quiet
  • Turn off all electronic devices at bedtimes and keep them away from your bed post.
  • Do not to drink too much of water at night to avoid frequent wake up times to the bathroom.

Having Healthy Dietary Practices

Healthy dietary practices as an important lifestyle practices

There is a common saying that “You are what you eat”. In Africa today, people have transitioned from consuming locally available foods to consuming western diet. The western diet comprises mainly of foods that are high in empty calories, excessive bad fats, salty, and mostly processed. All of these increase the risk of certain diseases in people.

healthy dietary practice is also an important lifestyle practice that can help promote your fertility health outcomes. A diet that contains more whole grains, healthy fats, fruits, and vegetable is best for human consumption. This diet has been found to provide you with your required energy needs, repair worn-out tissues, boost your immune system and help you regulate your hormones. Also, healthy dietary practices have been found to improve and boost sperm quality and overcome infertility in men.

Being Physically Active

Being physically active

Most people today are not physically active and do not also understand the concept of being physically active. A very large percentage of people are physically inactive as reported by WHO. The current global estimates show one in four adults and 81% of adolescent do not engage in enough physical activity. This is partly due to the increasing development in the use of technology to carry out most activities.

Routine physical exercise and maintaining a healthy BMI can help increase your chances of conception. Exercising on your fertility journey is all about finding a healthy balance in your level of activity. Little or no physical activity can result in an unhealthy BMI, while too much exercise can inhibit sperm production.

Popular ways to be active include walking, cycling, wheeling, sports, active recreation, dance, and play. Regular and consistent physical activity can help improve life quality and reproductive health.

Tips on how to stay Physically Active

  • Start slowly and increase the intensity gradually. This will help your body loosen up and also prevent muscle and joint injuries. You can start with 10 jugs per day then increase the number as time goes on.
  • Make up your mind to be consistent. This can be done by keeping a record or scheduling a particular time for it in your daily activities.
  • Seek advice from a physiotherapist on the best physical exercise for your body health.
  • Ensure moderation in any physical activity you choose to engage in. Try not to push yourself to the point of pain, dizziness or shortness of breath.
  • Stay hydrated before, during and after a workout. If you wait until you’re thirsty, you’re already getting dehydrated. 

Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight

Maintaining a healthy body weight

Weight is one of the most influential factors when it comes to fertility for men and women. Being either underweight or overweight is associated with increased infertility.

Men and women who are overweight, obese, or underweight take a longer time to conceive. In men, there is worse sperm quality, and they are not as fertile as men who are a healthy weight. There is also a negative effect on sex drive.

Therefore, it is very important that when you are on your fertility journey, maintaining a healthy weight help boost your chances. Men who incorporate healthy eating and physical exercise into their habits often can increase the sperm quality they produce. Also, couples that get healthier together have a higher chance of getting pregnant on time.

Avoid Alcohol Consumption

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol consumption has a negative impact on fertility. In men, it reduces sperm quality and sperm quantity. Avoiding alcohol will result in better overall health. Excessive alcohol consumption is defined as drinking heavily on multiple days of the week. While a few drinks here and there may not likely alter your fertility health, however, if you are planning to conceive soon, then you should consider limiting your alcohol intake significantly. 

Avoid Cigarette Smoking and Tobacco

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is a lifestyle practice that has a detrimental effect on your overall health. It has been found to reduce ejaculate volume as well as sperm density and motility. Also, smokers have lower zinc content in their semen, which can reduce sperm production. It damages the epididymis (a duct behind the testes that serve as a passage for sperm) thereby affecting sperm functions. There is also a grievous effect on erectile function.

Continuing to smoke also puts your partner at risk through passive smoking. As you are liable to pass harmful substance to your spouse.

The good news is that these negative effects can be reversed if you give up smoking.

In Conclusion

Having a healthy lifestyle practice is an important step to take on your journey when seeking fertility help. All the listed point in the article above must be well looked into, to help boost your chances of getting your spouse pregnant in due time.

If this has been helpful to you in any way, kindly share it with other men to benefit too.

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Stay healthy and never give up!

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