Dietary Guidelines for Male Fertility Improvement

Dietary Guidelines for Male Fertility Improvement

The right diet for male fertility improvement.

Do you wish to improve your fertility as man without taking drugs? This write up is for you!

You will be learning about some certain dietary guidelines that can be followed to achieve quality sperm production, improved libido, improved sexual stamina and general male fertility improvement.

A research carried out in 2011, reported a decline in sperm counts in industrialized countries by 50% to 60%. One of the underlying causes being trends in worsening diet quality and increasing obesity.

Recent researches have also backed this report up with increasing figures of infertility in men as a result of unhealthy dietary practices.

Also, adherence to a healthy dietary pattern is positively associated with sperm concentration and sperm motility as well s general fertility improvement in men.

Sperm cells go through a long and complex process of production. From transformation of spermatogonia to mature sperm that will fertilize an egg and so on. This process requires a healthy dietary habit that can boost the complex process.

Below are some dietary guidelines that you should follow to improve your fertility as a man;

Consumption of Healthy Dietary Fats

Polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA), a type of healthy dietary fat is important for the composition of a mature sperm cell membrane. PUFA has been associated with higher sperm motility, normal morphology and concentration.

Docosahexanoic acid (DHA), an omega 3 fatty acid, a type of PUFA which is found in fish and nuts, should be adequately consumed to help boost sperm quality.

However, trans fat and saturated fatty acid, which are contained in fried foods and junks are found to accumulate in the testis. This results in poor semen quality particularly lower sperm count unlike the polyunsaturated fatty acid.

Consumption of Antioxidant Rich Food

Antioxidants are substances that can prevent or slow the damage of cell caused by free radicals (unstable molecules produced by the body as a result of environmental pressures).

Examples of these antioxidants are vitamin A, C and E, selenium, beta-carotene and manganese.

The best sources of antioxidants are plant based foods, which are majorly fruits and vegetables.

Consumption of Folate and Zinc for Male Fertility Improvement

Folate is the natural form of vitamin B9, water-soluble and naturally found in many foods. It is also added to foods and sold as a supplement in the form of folic acid; this form is actually better absorbed than that from food sources—85% vs. 50%, respectively.

A research carried out on the effect of folate on male infertility found a 53% increase in sperm concentration and a doubling proportion of motile sperm in men that were given 15mg/d of folic acid for 90 days, like wise zinc.

This is to show how important it is to consume foods that are rich in folic acid and zinc for male fertility improvement.

Food sources of folic acid and zinc includes; dark green leafy vegetables, beans, peanuts, whole grains, liver, shellfish, nuts and seeds.

The word folate actually derives from foliage, which refers to the leafy green vegetables that contain some of the highest natural concentrations of the vitamin found in any food. Just one cup of spinach contains around 100 mcg of folate.

 Foods Allowed for Optimal Sperm Production

  •  Fish and Seafood e.g shrimps, crayfish, crabs, lobsters.
  • Poultry e.g chicken, turkey.
  • Nuts e.g walnuts, almond nut, cashew nut, brazil nut
  • Whole grains and cereals e.g  brown rice, millet, oat, maize, rice, sorghum
  • Legumes e.g beans, lentils and peas
  • Fruits e.g oranges, apples, banana, mango, pineapple, berries, carrot etc
  • Vegetables e.g green leafy vegetables, okro, ewedu, garden eggs, cucumber, cabbage etc.

Note: it is recommended to consume at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetable in a day for an overall good health.

Foods to Avoid for Optimal Sperm Production

  • Fatty foods such as fried snacks, commercially baked snacks
  • Red and processed meats
  • Refined grains and processed foods
  • Sweets and sweetened beverages
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Smoking and tobaccos

In conclusion

The importance of nutrition cannot be over emphasized when it comes to overcoming fertility challenges in men; an adequate diet is needed to achieve your goal.

At Plan B Wellness, we have our in-house Dietician that provides dietary guidelines specially made for every man while you are on any of our male infertility treatments. With this, we are able to achieve better result than those who use only herbs or drugs.

If you have any question regarding what you have read in this article, please kindly make it known in the comment section below. We are more than glad to interact with you.

Stay healthy and never give up!

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